London, 7th July 2005

'I had a pal bumped off by a Chink once. Throat cut horrible, it was, from ear to ear.'
'Good gracious!' said the Clutterbuck governess; 'was that in the Boxer rising?'
'No', said Philbrick cheerfully.' 'Saturday night in the Edgware Road. Might have happened to any of us.'
'What did the gentleman say?' asked the children.
'Never you mind, my dears. Run and have some more of the green cake.'
They ran off obediently, but the little boy was later heard whispering to his sister as she knelt at her prayers, 'cut horribly from ear to ear', so that until quite late in her life Miss Clutterbuck would feel a little faint when she saw a bus that was going to the Edgware Road.


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