C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis, estátua em Belfast, Irlanda

Acabei finalmente de ler este este livro que tanto tempo pairou sobre a minha mesa de cabeceira. (A hora de dormir não é a hora ideal de ler...)
Anoto esta passagem:
"The moment Lewis began to believe in God ocurred upstairs on a bus travelling up Headington Hill, returning home (...). It was a strangely ill-defined experience but one that nevertheless influenced him greatly. He described it as generating the odd sensation that he was encased in a confining suit, a corset or armour that stiffled him. He knew that if he wanted he could break out and accept the fact that there is a God, or else he could remain held back by the strictures of his own mind. He decided to break the binds and to accept. That night, back in his college rooms, he prayed for the first time in years."
(p. 145)

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